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DiG is a platform to grow the golf industry in developing nations.

We start with our teaching program in schools or civic centers, based on having fun learning the basics of golf using SNAG equipment. (Starting New At Golf or “SNAG” is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus and used in over 9000 schools by the 1st Tee…

We add a little fun with DiG Frisbee and DiG Soccer to show how much fun this game can be, all while learning the rules of the game.

Then, we build a 6-hole short-course for training, and later, a 18-hole golf course and recreation center.

DiG Frisbee with portable hole baskets

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DiG Soccer with SNAG equipment!

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The DiG Club

For those interested in progressing more with our programs, we enroll them into our DiG Club which utilizes golf caps with different colors for achievement levels. The ultimate is our Black cap, similar to a black belt in martial arts. This program instills more life-skills like goal setting, leadership, and perseverance.

DiG C.A.P. System

C. for Commitment
  • Committed to self
  • Committed to our program
  • Committed to others

A. for Achievement
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Recognition

P. for Progress
  • Learning to learn
  • Structured development
  • Measuring success

The DiG C.A.P. System

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Why teach golf to youth if there is no access to a golf course in their area?

After we establish our training program, we organize support to build a specially designed 6-hole “training course” that is short and ready for DiG Soccer, DiG Frisbee, and of course golf.

This short course has multiple tee boxes for all levels of play from young to old, beginners to advanced, and a separate green for DiG Soccer and DiG Frisbee. (grass cut higher to slow down the soccer ball)

Then when demand and funding available, we build an 18-hole regulation course and clubhouse / recreation center for even more community support. This infrastructure provides revenue for sustainability and creates the need for employment in all aspects of golf and course management and recreation.
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If you want to be highly competitive in golf, education at an academy and playing with friends is just not enough.

The DiG Tour is a development mini-tour circuit for our member nations to provide...
  • Initial golf tournament experience for young advancing golfers
  • How to play under pressure
  • Experience for course management apprentices
  • Fund raising activities for DiG
  • Local and International competition

We have already held several tournaments with amazing feedback!
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DiG brings golf technology to golfers in Developing countries. DiG will improve golfers with indoor and outdoor swing analysis and more.

Kids love technology and this creates excitement and attracts even more people to the game of golf

If you want a career in golf as a teacher or a pro, you have to provide and keep up with all the technological advances the industry bring.
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DiG International facilitates the exchange of resources from volunteers and corporations to bring the latest in technical information to benefit our local DiG Chapters.

Foreign Exchange Students (teenagers)
  • Children from both continents will be impacted greatly
  • Teens from America can bring youth clubs with them
  • Give the chance of a lifetime to a teen from an underprivileged nation

Foreign Exchange Technology (Industry Specialists)

  • Specialist in northern USA’s off season can volunteer to participate
  • Industry corporations can provide knowledge, expertise, and more
  • Bring or test the latest advancements in grasses or fertilizers can be tested abroad

Foreign Exchange Apprentices (career minded)

  • Gain access to advanced golf training courses
  • Attend workshops in their DiG Regions or travel to the USA
  • International career networking