The core of golf's future lies within the children of today. One of the major emphasis of DiG is to develop junior golf programs in developing nations. We raise support to build driving ranges and instructional facilities for them. We will also collect donated golf clubs, shoes, and equipment from country clubs and driving ranges all over the world.
Learning & Playing Golf with DiG, enhances your learning skills without even knowing it.

As kids focus on improving their game, they learn the science of golf ball flight, energy transfer, swing path and more.

They learn math from constantly figuring out the distance to a target, or average distance per golf club in their bag.

With our DiG CAP System, they enjoy reading to learn the history of golf, it’s famous tour players, famous golf courses, and historic tournaments and events in golf.

These skills are transferred to improve their education progress and helpful in life as an adult.
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Long Term Athletic Development

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The LTAD model has been developed based on the research of the Canadian Sport Centres LTAD expert group. The principles of this research have been adopted by Athletics Canada as the framework for the proper management of youth and adolescent growth and development processes, and identified the critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training

When LTAD practices are employed fundamental elements of sport development programs are designed around critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training.

These periods of development represent the time when children are ready and able to develop fundamental sport skills and abilities such as running, jumping and throwing.

In addition they are able to improve their speed, agility and balance, which are related sport skills that will serve them well in golf as well as in other sports.
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DiG Club 1st Cap
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Songz and DiG’erz
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DiG Frisbee
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DiG Soccer
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SNAG Equipment Kit
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Leadership Skills
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