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DiG Foundation of South Africa is our founding chapter and our regional headquarters for the African region.

DiG-SA is based out of the Observatory Golf Club in Johannesburg.
Phone: 073 970 5110
International Phone: +27 (73) 970 5110

Registered NPO # 159-960
Songezo Sonamzi is our Founder and President of DiG Foundation - South Africa.

“Songz” was born and raised in Umtata, Eastern Cape, SA. As a young man, he traveled to the USA and became a golf caddie, fell in love with golf, and with a scholarship from Gary Player, graduated as a PGA Professional from the PGA of America.

Songz dedicated his life to come back to underprivileged South Africa and teach what he learned and experienced at some of the most elite golf clubs and golf academies in the USA.

Songs is also a PGA Professional-AA for the PGA of South Africa. (probably the only person in the world with certification in both countries)

Since early 2014, Songz has been hard at work establishing the foundation for growth in all 9 provinces of South Africa as well as preparing to assist nearby countries in the Africa region.

Songz has assembled an amazing team of support in the golf industry who believe in the concept of DiG and how we can change the lives of youth all over the country, and nearby African nations.

Here is the DiG Foundation South Africa FaceBook page.


Songezo Sonamzi, Founder and President

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Meet our newest sponsor for DiG South Africa!!! Rossco Car Rentals is providing transportation for our youth to and from lessons at Observatory Golf Club on weekends!

Please remember Rossco when you or your friends need to rent a car!
(click Rosco Logo)

Watch this video of an interview with KAYA FM about
Songz and The DiG Foundation’s work with youth in Johannesburg!

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Songz n DiG’erz
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MAYA Interview
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Adults too!
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Great for Girls!
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Everyone Invited
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Rules of Golf
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Good Helper
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