Our first DiG Region is South Africa.

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Each region has an area with a concentration of golf. This is where opportunities in golf careers, training, technology, and amazing golf courses.

Our DiG Regional Chapters support chapters in their area. We bring new DiG Chapter presidents and employees to our regional chapter to “train the trainers.”

It is important for our regional directors to be familiar with the languages and social differences in their part of the world.

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Golf in Africa

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The continent of Africa is 3 times larger than the USA and Africa’s population is over 1 Billion people.

Our Africa Region for DiG includes the island of Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands.

Most of the golf courses in Africa are in the country of South Africa with approximately 500.

South Africa is home of the Sunshine Tour, the PGA of South Africa, and has produced several of the most famous names in professional golf.

The Sunshine Tour Pro Tour events occur in other countries in this region such as: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, and the Island of Mauritius.