We would like to say thank you so much for our DiG supporters and all you do to make it all happen in such a DiG Way!

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Khosi Masondo - South Africa

You know what they say, “Behind every great man is a great woman!” Well, that sure fits for Songz! This amazing and talented woman has supported the decision for Songz to commitment to be the founder and president of The DiG Foundation of SA. She helps DiG in so many ways, that we don’t have enough memory on our computers to list them!

Thank you Khosi, you’re awesome!
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When a friend flies half way around the world to bring you some junior golf clubs and a suitcase full of golf balls, you know he believes in you!

Thanks to Roger Knick & his Golf Performance Center, and his friend Robert Johnson who flew all the way to SA to see Songz!
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Sandile Van Heerden - South Africa

Sandile van Heerden is a South African reporter and television presenter best known for hosting the Mzansi Magic music and gadget review magazine show Mgongo, from 2011-2012.

Sandile has worked as a reporter for the eNCA (formerly known as the eNews Channel), was a sports presenter at Khaya FM and also worked as a news editor for the community newspaper Benoni City Times.

Thank you Sandile for all you do for us!
You can be a supporter too, and in a DiG way!

Please contact us and ask how, and / or donate online!

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